Stylish apartment with 1 bedroom for rent in Pankow

Μέγεθος: 40 m² / 431 ft²
Διεύθυνση: Berlin, Germany

**The colorful comforts**

_Because I seek residential bliss_

**Will I like it here?**

It would be hard not to.

Are you a fashionista looking for modern minimalism? Pack your bags, this could be the one you're looking for.

**Really? Tell me more…**

You will love the uncluttered, contemporary decor. Polished floors, a stylish sofa bed, splashes of colour in each room, and large windows to let all that sun in. The open-plan layout means it’s modern through and through.

We think this apartment is ideal for anyone looking for a quieter, residential spot. Pankow is your new eclectic home with a mix of fashionable upmarket shops, authentic local restaurants and a friendly vibe.

**Your top 3 reasons to rent here:**

- The view from the living room is beautiful.
- There is access to the attic for additional storage.
- Catch a tram to Karower Teiche on a sunny day.

**But you need to know this...**

- You will have the flat all to yourself but your landlord will live in the same building.

**Your Home-checker,** **Jaime, said:**

_“I loved this property.”_

...Enough said.

**Help me make up my mind…**

This is a stylish 1st floor, 1-bedroom apartment on Vienweg, Berlin. It boasts a vibrant colour scheme, contemporary decor, and even additional storage in the attic.

This property is ideal for anyone looking for a quiet spot to unwind. You’ll be in a residential neighborhood, with great parks like Karower Teiche where you can soak up the sun, and there are some great restaurants nearby too.

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