Apartments in Kurnool

Zimmer: 2
Größe: 106 m² / 1.144 ft²
Adresse: Andhra Pradesh, India

Luxury 2 BHK apartment for sale in Kurnool. This apartment is located on Sukesula Road, Kurnool. The apartment is VERY spacious which is rare in Kurnool City. The apartment is on a higher floor with open views. The luxury 2-bedroom apartment is open east-west, bringing you sunlight all day long and fresh western air even on a dull day. Apartment 2 BHK has incredible security and a large entrance hall. There is parking with this 2-bedroom apartment. There are checked tiles throughout apartment 2 BHK. Now it is POSSIBLE to find in a 2 BHK apartment in Kurnool with all developments. This one won't last long, so take it while you can. Here are the full details of 2 BHK luxury apartment.

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