Bahrain apartment rent at Juffair - One-bedroom and two-room

Preis: 350 BHD/Monatlich
Zimmer: 1
Adresse: Juffair Avenue, Manama, Bahrain Karte anzeigen

Apartment rent at Juffair Heights in Bahrain. One-bedroom apartment and two-bedroom apartment. Furnished apartment in a luxury residential building at Juffair. Flat rent at Juffair with furniture. 

(Appartement à louer à Juffair à Bahreïn.   Wohnungsmiete bei Juffair in Bahrain.  Appartamento in affitto a Juffair in Bahrain. バーレーンのJuffairでのアパートの家賃 .  Cíos árasán ag Juffair i mBairéin).

Apartments with modern facilities for kids, ladies and gents. 

  • One-bedroom apartment rent including electricity (EWA) and tax. BHD 350/- (U. S $ 920) per month.
  • Two-bedroom apartment rent including electricity (EWA) and tax. BHD 450/- (U. S $ 1190) per month.

Flat suitable for a small family. Indeed, it is a luxury flat in Juffair and in Bahrain as well. Besides, there are superb facilities for all. Also, it is kids friendly. 

Above all, this flat is approved for American Navy people as well.

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