Gloden Lough / Classic modern style/with a big yard

Cena: 30 000 CNY/Měsíc
Pokoje: 4
Velikost: 347 m² / 3.735 ft²
Adresa: Suzhou, China

General info

Jinshuiwan as Jinji Lake is one of the few hydrophilic villa, the community landscape design in the middle axis, entrance by the scenery on both sides of the axis of strengthening relations, private space in a natural and pastoral landscape, and through the organic combination of various attractions of the two clubs, will be connected to each other, and thus extend the development of many scenic trail.



  • Shopping Mall:Link City, Sam's Club
  • Market:Sam's Club
  • Equipments in the compound:drying store, Dinning place, basketball place, gym, hairdresser room
  • Others:Golf Course, Five-Star Hotel
  • Hospitality:Kowloon Hospital



  • Distance Line 1 Time Square Station 2500 Meters



  • Floor-heating
  • Ventilation System
  • Wall Heating(system)
  • Big Balcony
  • Near Metro
  • North-south Transparent
  • Duplex
  • Garden
  • central air-conditioning

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