Looking for downtown in Qingdao? How about Jiang Shan Plaza

Preço: 4.500 CNY/Mensal
Dormitórios: 2
Tamanho: 111 m² / 1.200 ft²
Endereço: 中国山东省青岛市市南区泰州一路 Show map

Jiang Shan Plaza is the most famous plaza in Qingdao.  Located in Shandong Road and Jiang Xi Road near a big market called Lotte Mart. The building is a high-quality construction, 24-hour security, closed-end management.

This apartment is on the 30th floor, has a good city view and is fully furnished with all appliances and furniture. You can move into it without anything of your own.

I have been a real estate agent in Qingdao for many years, so I am sure I can help you find the perfect apartment.

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