Qingdao real estate agent : help you get set up !long and sh

Preço: 3.000 CNY/Mensal
Dormitórios: 1
Endereço: 青岛市市北区延吉路

Qingdao Wan Da Plaza is a famous community in Qingdao with many apartments. Most of them have one bedroom, one open kitchen and one bathroom and are well decorated. They are perfect for single foreigners and couples. There is also a lot of entertainment in the area including shopping, dining etc..  Wan Da Plaza is a central location with many buses that make it convenient for you to reach everywhere. So if you want to live in Qingdao call me(1-5-0-0-6-4-8-0-5-5-0) or send me an E-mail(zhaokaka”at”-y-a-h-o-o-.-c-o-m) , I will do my best to help you .

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